One of the hottest selling items in the BBS catalog is becoming scarce and very soon may not be available through your favorite online death match retailer. How Nick Gage's recent incarceration may effect the product line. Check out the

Cage Of Death has come and gone and BBS had the apparel and rocked a new company design in one of the most historic matches in a decade! Go on. Read the

An avid comic book nerd, I never miss an opportunity to reference The Pheonix. Here were are, rising from our own ashes with the domain to prove it! A brief history of how BBS came to be and where we're going. Read the


November 6th and 7th, a historic event happened in Oberhausen, Germany and BBS was there, literally, right in the middle of it. CZW and WXW held TOD vs. Gorefest and we had the shirt. In two days, this design sold out! Limited quanties available for online. Just marked down to $20USD. Get to it!

Aside from BBS promoting violence through apparel on a worldwide scale, Lars is quite the photographer. Take a look at the less bloody, more sexy portraits and galleries throughout the US. The photography portfolio.

Yeah, yeah. We're on Facebook. Even funnier, we're still on Myspace. Between your Fairy Land, Farmville and Mafia Wars, come by and visit.


TOD/Gorefest Shirt            $30USD

Thumbtack Jack Compendium Vol.1 DVD                              $20USD

Masada "Exile" Shirt           $25USD
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